Thanks for choosing to dine at Kylie’s, whether it’s your first time or your weekly pizza night we’re proud to serve you our deep dish pizza.

Our pizza—based on original Chicago style deep dish, is tailored to our West Coast setting. It’s not a greasy gut bomb like most Chicago style pizza, but is a very filling pie with all the rich deep flavors of a traditional Chicago pizza.

We start with our whole wheat and corn meal dough made daily here in our kitchen, this creates a crisp yet soft crust. Then we place it in a pan like a pie, filling it with a bed of mozzarella, the toppings of your choice and covered in our specially seasoned chunky tomato sauce. It is THICK and takes some time to bake, usually only about 25 minutes before it hits your table.

We’re not competing with memories of Chicago, we’re honoring them with West coast flare. We hope you enjoy our deep dish pizza and we’ll do our best to make sure you have a great time while you’re with us.

We’ve got big things planned for our little space. You’re invited to follow us online and be part of what we’re building.